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ESTMA company offers a range of services, which includes the organization of transportation of goods from anywhere in the world in any direction.

Depending on the characteristics of the cargo, the desires and capabilities of customers, we will offer delivery by rail, water, road or air. Each of the options has its own advantages and features, so you must first consult with our experts on the choice of optimal conditions.

Trucking can be used as an independent or auxiliary option. It is advisable to transport goods by truck at a distance of up to 200 km. The advantages of this option include greater maneuverability (the possibility of delivery "to the door" or "to the warehouse") and the speed of transportation. The disadvantages include low carrying capacity and increased cost.

Railway mass freight is carried out regardless of the season and time of day. Advantages - serious carrying capacity, speed of delivery, low cost, maneuverability and versatility with respect to different types of cargo.

Air transport is considered to be the fastest as cargo is delivered quickly over long distances but it is also the most expensive way of transportation.

Marine transport for freight is used as part of the overall delivery chain. Its advantages include range and large carrying capacity, as well as low cost. The disadvantages are seasonality, low transportation speed and the ability to function only between ports. As for river transport, it is used for local transportation along river routes.

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Stages of the cargo shipping arrangement

To order shipping of your goods you need to understand that transportation process is a sequence of steps: choice of the vehicle type, optimal route projecting and documentation (if necessary). The main stages of the process can be as follows:

  • cargo loading at shipper's location;
  • moving cargo to the warehouse, its subsequent consolidation;
  • loading into selected transport unit;
  • registration of customs documents (for international routes);
  • transit itself;
  • customs clearance in the place of destination;
  • unloading at the agreed destination;
  • other services (packaging, insurance, information support, storage, etc.).

To order freight, you need to consider factors affecting the cost of services. A few important factors to consider:
  1. Type of transport (land, sea, air or combined).
  2. Modality (unimodal transportation is carried out by one mode of transport, multi- and intermodal - by several).
  3. Regionality. Prices vary when ordering city, regional movements of goods, as well as between cities and countries

The choice of transport and delivery method depends on the transport characteristics of the cargo. The classification of various cargoes is carried out according to the methods of unloading and loading (bulk, piece, liquid), dimensions, weight (standard, light and heavy), hazard class (exposed to weather and not requiring special conditions), etc.

Transportation of goods is a process that requires knowledge and experience, patience and endurance.

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