When there is no direct route from A to B
You can trust us with multimodal shipping
When multimodal shipping should be used?
Multimodal freight transportation is a mixed method of cargo transportation, in which several types of vehicles are involved.

Delivery is carried out basing on one document and the whole responsibility for successful transportation is on the shipping company during all stages. If you plan to cross borders, transportation is classified as international.

In multimodal transportation usually the most suitable types of transport are used and combined: sea and river vessels, airplanes, railway trains and trucks. The peculiarity of such a service is that all stages of transportation are controlled by one organizer - the selected carrier. Control can be both passive (documentation) and active (monitoring, logistics, transport choice).

The interest of customers in multimodal transportation is due to factors such as:
  • no direct routes between sender and destination;
  • it is important to deliver the goods as quickly as possible at the right price - the cost of multimodal transportation depends on the transport used, the characteristics of the cargo and the distance of the route;
  • you have to deliver the goods to different vehicles from various suppliers
In this case responsibility is dissipated, there is no single party who guarantees the safety of the cargo. In multimodal transportation, each stage is controlled by the transport company with which the contract is signed.

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In order to reduce delivery time it is important to plan the route, coordinate congestion schedules, designate temporary storaging, etc. Taking into consideration all the nuances of multimodality, if any of the details are omittedm then the whole freight can turn out to be costly, bring downtime and other force majeure situations.

Mixed (multimodal) shipping of your cargo is carried out by ESTMA in the optimal way:
- customer can count on favorable prices,
- a competent choice of transport and route,
- guarantees of cargo safety and meeting deadlines.

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