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Favorable conditions for transporting your cargo by air

Compared to other methods of cargo delivery, international air transport is not the most popular, due to the high cost of the service. According to statistics, air delivery accounts for 1% of all transported goods, but there are such advantages that sometimes make the choice in favor of aircraft the only possible one. These advantages include:

  • delivery speed, which is not comparable to any of the other modes of transport. Air transport makes possible fresh flowers and perishable products to be delivered to the markets of different countries. In addition, airplanes can quickly deliver pharmaceuticals and human organs that seriously ill patients need. The speed of transportation minimizes the risks involved in the transportation of rare and valuable goods (objects of art, jewelry);
  • insurance premium on airplanes is half as less compared to marine transport;
  • levying customs duties on gross cargo weight, and this figure is lower on airplanes than on sea vessels, since for airplanes the lightest and cheapest packaging is usually chosen.
If we consider the warehouse nuances, air international transportation is more profitable, because often the cargo almost does not require warehousing and, after delivery, is immediately sent to its destination.

The above mentioned and other advantages can save significant amounts, offsetting the high cost of the service.

ESTMA can fulfill all your needs in delivery of goods to the airport, registration of customs documents and insurance in compliance with applicable international standards and rules.

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Prices for international air transport

International air delivery requires booking a tonnage - assigning the tonnage on the plane throughout the flight route to a specific sender. Using the tonnage booking procedure the main advantage of air cargo delivery is ensured - goods are delivered to their destination fast.
To make a reservation, the applicant provides the required information about the cargo to the booking office or to the airline representatives responsible for the procedure. The information should contain data on the cargo (dimensions, weight, etc.), points of departure and delivery. The reservation applies to all sections of the planned route.

Tariffs for air transportation of goods abroad are established by the air carrier. Billing is based on the cost of delivery of the bulk weight of the cargo from the starting point to the final.

Rates are set taking into account the type of aircraft - whether it will be a cargo or passenger aircraft. For example, on passenger liners operating in international directions, it is possible to carry cargo weighing up to 200 kg, the dimensions of which are smaller than the dimensions of the cargo hatch on an airplane. There are other nuances that need to be considered in order to quickly and relatively inexpensively carry out international air transportation of goods.

The price of international air freight will depend on various factors: range of the chosen route, your cargo parameters, the need for urgent delivery, additional services (last-mile delivery to the door, etc.), insurance cost, etc.

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