Air delivery is the fastest way to transport goods.

When you urgently need your cargo.

Benefits of air delivery

Air cargo transportation is often carried out on charter flights when it comes to hard-to-reach routes. Only by air can cargo be delivered to such points on a map where railroads have not yet been laid and where transport routes have not yet been developed.This is the best option for express deliveries and transportation of perishable goods.

In addition to the unsurpassed speed of transportation, the customer is guaranteed cargo safety.

Despite all the advantages, to send the goods by plane, you must follow certain rules:
- according to specifications and standards, the container must be dry and clean;
- mandatory availability of transport or special marking, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo;
- it is forbidden to transport explosive and flammable substances, toxic gases and other dangerous goods.
- special goods are perishable and odorous, bulky and heavy, valuable cargo and diplomatic mail, animals and human organs.

ESTMA can fulfill all your needs in delivery of goods to the airport, registration of customs documents and insurance in compliance with applicable international standards and rules.

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What determines the cost of air cargo

The main factors that affect the cost of transportation are the direction, size and weight of the cargo. The mass and volume of cargo, as well as the distance of the route, are taken into account.
If we are talking about dangerous types of cargo (gas and alcohol-containing, flammable substances), the tariffs will be higher. There are also restrictions on the types of aircraft that fly on certain routes.

You can send small batches of goods and large, oversized and perishable goods. In the latter case, services will cost more - urgent air cargo delivery involves a number of difficulties, including maintaining the required temperature. The cost includes packaging, insurance, customs duties, services of loading and unloading transport, preparation of accompanying documentation, customs clearance.

The price of services is calculated separately for each order, depending on packaging, insurance, weight and volume of cargo. To find out freight rates and calculate the cost of air transportation, please fill out the form below indicating the significant characteristics of the delivery.

Compiling a good price for air cargo transportation depends highly on the ability of logistic specialist to choose a right route.

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